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on-the-roadMy name is Rick Stiles, I live in Billings MT, and have gotten back into biking after several years absence after a friend talked me into riding from the Pacific Ocean (Gearhart OR) to the Atlantic Ocean (Bar Harbor ME) during the summer of 2013.  For a long time I wasn’t sure about the friend comment.

My wife and I used to ride a significant amount a few years ago, but between health issues, moving, and other interests, biking ended up on the back burner.  Now, I biked several one week RAGBRAI (Registered Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) events (~475 miles).  I even bicycled from the top of Michigan down to St. Joseph in three days (~300 miles) several times, and I bicycled across Michigan (~150 miles) in one day.  We also bicycled around Illinois and Indiana.  My wife and I even went self-contained bicycle camping on a few occasions.

For several years I was putting over 4,800 miles a year on an upright bicycle.  That sounds like a lot of miles, but when you put 500 in one week, 200-300 miles on a number of weekends, and 100+ a week on regular occasions the miles build up.

As of 2012 I was 66 years old, overweight, under active, and had heart problems.  As I tell people, I am not build for speed.  One thing that I have going for me is endurance.  I may not be the hare, but I hope to do the tortoise proud.

The two of us completed the 3,600 mile cross country self supported bicycle ride in 2013. We rode 6 days per week and took Sundays off for physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal. We went through 11 states and 2 provinces while climbing over 17 miles. Did I enjoy it? You betcha! I went to bed every night excited about new places I would see, excited about new people I would meet, and excited about physical challenges that I would experience.

In the summer of 2014 Tom ‘Biker Dude’ Hall and Rick ‘the Sloooow’ (that’s me) are planning a trip from Billings MT to Prudoe Bay AK. The die has been cast, and I can faintly hear the strains of Johnny Horton’s old tune, North to Alaska. Let the planning begin.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Like the site. Some very nice riding. I see you are powered by WordPress but you don’t have a follow button activated for wordpress reader. I would like to follow you through wordpress if you can activate the follow button. Thanks.

    • Ashley, thank you for the nice comments. Currently, I have a ‘Going Bent’ Facebook page that people follow me on. Since reading your comments I have looked for a WordPress plugin to add a follow button to the website, but none of them have been tested on the latest WP version. I see that there is a follow button on your site, ‘Doing The Miles’. Which plugin did you use? Again, thanks for the nice comments. Rick

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