Safety Pointers

Bicycling is dangerous; there is no way around it. There is no guarantee that these suggestions will keep you safe, but I have followed them for years and feel comfortable, but cautious, in heavy traffic. Bicycles are considered non-powered moving vehicles. As such, you are responsible for following all applicable traffic laws.

  • understand all local traffic laws relating to bicycles
  • use helmets, lights, reflectors, and rear lights
  • use hand signals
    • left hand up means right turn
    • left hand straight out means left turn
    • left hand down means slow or stop
  • make yourself obvious to traffic, not obstructive to traffic
  • pedestrians always have the right of way
  • don’t use pedestrian cross walks to advance on a red light
  • avoid sidewalks, in many places riding on sidewalks is against the law
  • use the appropriate lane of traffic, use the correct turn lane when making turns
  • don’t weave in and out of traffic
  • hearing is critical to safety, don’t use ear buds
  • always alert other bicyclists and runners when passing
  • always be vigilante, constantly use your eyes and ears

Remember, each of us represents all bicyclists every time we are out riding around. Try to be the good example, not the one that irritates and infuriates motorists, pedestrians, and other bicyclists.

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