Are they comfortable?

The single statement I hear most is: ‘Are recumbent bicycles really comfortable? They don’t look comfortable.’

Recumbents are very comfortable! The best way to describe sitting on a recumbent is like sitting on a lawn chair with your feet up. Each company has their own style of seat and adjustment methods (position front/back & recline up/down) so you need to see which type is the most comfortable for you. There is no need to wear padded riding pants and use anti-chafing lubricants or powders.

When sitting on a recumbent the relaxed and natural field of vision is straight ahead rather than down toward the ground. This natural field of vision minimizes/eliminates bent neck pain. When the seat back is really reclined some people elect to install a headrest to prevent stiff shoulder and neck muscles.

There is no intense pressure on the hands, wrists, or shoulders because your back is fully supported by the seat. There is no need for padded gloves or cushioned aero bars. Your hands can rest easily on the handle bars, and your shoulders can relax and lean against the seat back.

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