Sharing Is LovingIn an earlier post I agonized somewhat about the reason I am doing this ride.  When hearing of this trip one of the first questions people ask is, ‘Why are you doing this?’  Over time, several people have offered perfectly good suggestions:

  • to raise money for a charitable cause
  • to hi-lite some worthy endeavor
  • to speak about something special

Their intentions are honorable but leave me feeling somewhat guilty about wanting to go simply because I am wanting to go.  So, I have ponded the Why question for about four months and finally decided to accept the fact that I am going simply because I want to go.

The bottom line?  Maybe I am supposed to go on a blind leap of faith.  ‘Blind leap of faith,’ you say?  Yes.  Maybe I will discover why I am going somewhere along the path while I am going.

Am I wasting a 4,400 mile opportunity to talk about something profound with potentially hundreds of people?  I have decided that answer is no.  Is it being selfish by not promoting something akin to a higher good?  Again, I don’t think so.

If I do this trip in a manner that brings me substantial happiness and satisfaction, will I not be able to radiate my happiness on those I meet.  At that point, who knows where the conversation will go.  At least the discussions will go in a mutually interesting direction rather than my attempting to direct the conversation to achieve a specified end goal.  Maybe my purpose in doing this will be to allow the people I meet to walk away feeling happier.  Maybe they will have a few new stories in their back pocket to share about some over weight guy pedaling his #%*& cross country on a funny looking bicycle.

I know the people I meet on this trip will brighten my day; maybe I can do the same for them.  Yes, I think I am finally comfortable in saying I am doing this just because I want to do this.  I am doing this because I want to share life with other people and allow them the opportunity to share with me.

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