Now effer-C

Now effer-C
I have started putting an additive in the water bottles that  I use when riding the bicycle.  This was done for several reasons.  The first was my concern over getting an electrolyte imbalance due to drinking/sweating 40+ ounces of straight water during one hour of exercise.  The second reason had to do with my stomach getting somewhat nauseated toward the end of the exercise.

Here’s the disclaimer: I have no medical training and am not recommending anything to anyone else.  I am attempting to explain what I am doing and why.  All of my information came from various websites and printed publications and has been interpreted solely by myself.

Many people turn to some type of product such as Gatorade® to remedy the above problems, and this was my first thought.  However, Gatorade® has 21 grams of sugar in 1 serving, which is only 4.8 ounces, or roughly 1/2 a cup.  Put another way, 1 serving of Gatorade® contains 4.4 teaspoons of sugar.  Now, this isn’t a ‘bash Gatorade®’ article, rather, I am attempting to explain why I turned to a product called effer-C by NOW®.  Locally, I purchased individual tubes to try it out.  They come in lemon/lime, orange, and elder berry.  In the future I will buy boxes containing 30 tubes.

A basic comparison of the two products using information provided on the labels yields:

Now effer-C® Gatorade®
Serving Size  8 ounces  4.8 ounces
Calories*  5  80
Total Fat  0  0
Sodium 60mg  160mg
Potassium  200mg  45mg
Total Carbs*  2gm  21gm
Sugars*  0gm  21gm
Xylitol*  2gm  0gm
Protein  0gms  0gms
Other Vitamins/Minerals  ~15  none listed

*Note: These quantities are for the elderberry effer-C.  Th sugar content is different for the orange and lemon/lime.

I have used one packet of Now effer-C® in each of my 20 ounce water bottles for the past two day.  This has eliminated the nausea I was experiencing, and I hope some of my electrolytes are better balanced.  Based on the recommended serving size ( 1packet per 8 ounces of water) I should be using 2.5 packets per 20 ounce water bottle.

I plan on talking with the doctor this week to see what his opinion is regarding both this product as well as using the full recommended amount.

Added Note: The doctor didn’t see any problem with this particular product.  Also, he wasn’t sure I particularly needed the minerals for a one hour exercise period.  He indicated that the amount of water I was drinking 24-40 ounces in an hour was quite a bit.  That, plus the fact that most of my blood was going to my muscles for exercising rather than my stomach to process the water could be contributing to the nauseated feeling that I had.  Anyway, in his opinion there is no harm in drinking it if, as it put it, I don’t mind paying for it.

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