Bike Seat

After putting on 500+ miles of riding and ~20 hours of stationary exercise on the Giro 20, I have decided to investigate a different seat.

Recurve SeatThe bike came standard with their Recurve Seat, and I am having a lot of problems with extereme pain in the upper portion of my butt after long periods ‘in the saddle’ so to speak.  This has occurred pretty much since I was able to bike for an hour or more.  I have tried changing the seat angle without much success.  In general, it has gotten worse with the stationary biking, and I am somewhat concerned about being able to bike for long periods when going cross country.

Euromesh SeatI plan on calling the Bacchetta Company to discuss the Euromesh seat.  This seat appears to have more of a curved area when you sit and may spread the butt pressure over a wider area, thus more support and less pain.  These seats are rather expensive ($265) so I am hoping they have a used one I could try out for a week or so if I am willing to pay the postage both ways.  All they can say is no; murder is illegal.

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