Sweating HeartWell, I had a partial blood analysis done by my heart doctor; it had been about 10 months since the last time.  During the past year I have tried to reduce my intake of meats (beef, pork, chicken, fish), sweetners (natural & artifical), carbohydrates, and processed foods in general.  Also, I eliminated the salt shaker on the table and in the kitchen.

April 2012 December 2012
Cholestrol 183 143
HDL 46 51
Triglicerides 78 73
LDL 121 77

Everything is going in the right direction, and hopefully all of this biking exercise is paying off.  Unfortunately, my weight has stayed virtually the same, fluctuating between 195 – 210.  In general it runs about 205.  The good news this year is that I will not need to work off the 10 pounds or so that I normally put on over Thanksgiving/Christmas.

I have decided to try a vegan (total plant based) food program for the next two months and see what happens.  There are several reasons for doing this, one of which is a further attempt to improve the types of food that I eat.  I went to a vegetarian (no meat, but cheese, eggs, and dairy) food program some years ago (for about 2 years) and really didn’t mind the lack of meat.  Eating out was sometimes a pain, and sometimes my special order plate of vegetables ended up costing more than a menu item featuring steak..  One thing I do remember is eating beef the first few times after I quit; it tasted absolutely horrible.

It would really be nice to get off the Lipitor, or at least cut the amount down.  Anyway, I’ll see what happens at the end of February.

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