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GSC-10 Sensor UnitI installed a Garmin GSC-10 kit on the bicycle (at least part of it).  The candence piece went on without too much difficulty.  Unfortunately, the speed sensor is going to be a tad more trouble, but more on that later.  The GSC-10 is definitely made for an upright bicycle.

I mounted the sensor unit on the right side (facing the bike) of the main tube up where the crank arm would pass by it.  The two black tie wraps supplied with the unit were not long enough to go around the main tube; I bought a package of 14″ long black electrical tie wraps at Lowe’s.  These were longer than necessary, but I wanted sufficient length in case others issues cropped up.  Then, I attached the sensor, but did not pull the tie wraps tight; I wanted to be able to move the sensor for final alignment.

After aligning the crank pedal magnet in the correct position relative to the sensor I peeled off the tape backing and stuck it to the pedal.  Then I rotated the crank slowly; when the crank magnet passed the sensor the little red light came on.  Viola, the alignment was okay.

I tightened up the tie wraps on the sensor (don’t pull too tightly as the locking clip seems to snap off quite easily), then I attached the tie wrap on the magnet.  After testing it again to insure nothing was amiss I cut off the excess ends on the tie wraps.

The speed sensor is going to be another matter.  The speed sensor swing arm will not work on a recumbent bike, or at least the Giro 20 recumbent.  There are some wires attached to the swing arm.  My guess is the wires will have to be removed, lengthened, and the swing arm re-attached down on the front fork.  Since the front tire doesn’t turn when using the exercise machine I will save this project for a later date.

Linking the cadence sensor to the Garmin Edge 800 was not difficult at all.  I turned the Edge on, selected Menu, selected Setup (small wrench in right hand corner), Bike Settings, Bike Profiles (if your bike profile hasn’t been entered you need to create one for your bike), ANT+Speed/Cadence, Bike Sensors, select yes, back out to the Bike Sensors screen, Sensor Details.  At this point you may not find any indication of the the sensors.  If not, hold the Edge unit close to the GSC-10 sensor and continuously rotate the crank at a slow speed.  The Edge unit should recognize the sensor after a few moments, and then the ‘Not Connected’ notice will change to ‘Connected’.

I have used the bicycle on the mag trainer unit for 3-4 days now and the cadence feature is really nice; no more counting.  The down side is the front of the Edge is not lit under normal conditions so it can be difficult to see the cadence when indoors under low light; a small price to pay.

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