Front Water Bottle Holder

Front Water BottleI added a front water bottle holder to the bike yesterday.  There may not be adequate water stops at times while traveling cross country so I wanted to make sure I had extra water.  This now gives me three bottles; two attached to the back of the seat and this one attached to the front post.

First, I removed the Bacchetta metal plate so the could be attached directly to the post.  Since the cage mount sets between the crank arms I was worried about it rotating around from vibration, sooooo, I wanted the mount firmly seated on the post. Removing the metal plate was not as easy as it looked.

Remove The Metal PlateBacchetta uses some pretty good double sided tape on it, and I didn’t want to damage the paint on the front post.  First, I used my fingernail to lift up the right side of the plate; this took several tries.  After I got a small space opened up I used the edge of a sharp knife to gently  pry up.  With a little press the adhesive on plate gradually gave way and then I used my finger to lift it off.  I decided to save the plate so wrapped it in some wax paper to preserve the adhesive.

I mentioned earlier that I was somewhat concerned about the cage rotating around and getting into the front gears or the crank arm.  To try and minimize that issue I elected to rough up Velcro Attachmentthe inside of the rubber block with sandpaper.

Next, I attached the block to the frame, then screwed the Planet Bike cage to the block, and then installed a water bottle.  This let me look things over and find the best position.  Unfortunately there is a metal boss attached to the post for guiding the front derailleur, so I ended going over that with the velcro strap.

After getting everything in position I removed the Two Fish block, place some Titebond wood glue on it, and reattached the the block.  The glue is not meant to be a permanent attachment, rather, it is supposed to (hopefully) provide a little more Water Bottle Alignmentfriction to minimize the change of the bottle cage moving around.

After getting it mounted and everthing set in place I cut off the excess end from the velcro strap, leaving just enough extra so I can get a good grip to peel if off if necessary.

The cage is not sitting exactly on the centerline of the front post.  Rather, it is sitting just to the right of centerine (when facing the bike) to ensure there is adequate clearance for the chain to move up and down on the front gears.



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