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Thomas HallI received a printed copy of the blog kept by Tom on his ride from Missoula MT to Del Rio TX in 2010 (2000+ miles).  Very interesting read, and a tad discouraging in spots.  The total weight he pedals when you add up his body weight, bicycle weight, and cargo weight is slightly more than my body weight alone.

Now, in my worst emaciated condition I will never weigh what Tom does, I’ll give you that.  However, it is somewhat of a downer to think that I will be pushing about 40 pounds more than him no matter what I do.  Maybe I will carry less and stink more; who knows.  If I forget about carrying a tent and sleeping bag there is only so much blood the mosquitoes can get from me before they start looking for someone else (Tom??).

I jokingly say that I am built for endurance not for speed.  At age 66 I wonder if the endurance part is true anymore.  My leg muscles, breathing system, and the ol’ ticker better be in substantially better condition by the time June rolls around.  I was reading an article about some self-contained long distance bikers; they talked about taking 2-3 years before they reached what they considered ‘peak’ condition.  Wellllll, 7 months left and counting.

Based on Tom’s pictures, it appears he has is riding a RANS long wheel base recumbent with fenders and a kickstand in addition to panniers on a rear rack.  I need to ask him about these items.  I do have fenders on my bike but not a kickstand; that item may be very useful.  I am also curious as to why he is switching to a short wheel base bike: need to ask.

I plan to finish his blog tomorrow and see what other nuggets I can mine out of his information.

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