Onboard Bike Pump

I bought a Topeak Turbo Morph G pump with the idea of mounting it on the bicycle.  So far I have been carrying the C02 cartridges to refill a flat tire, but wanted something to provide just a few pounds to top off a tire or fill a flat tire if necessary.

The pump seems to do what is advertised, and fits the Presta valve stems just fine.  The handle and foot pad are very nice and the gauge provides a good estimate of the tire pressure.  At this point I don’t have any long term reliability issues to report, but hopefully this pump will only be used in an emergency and not on a regular basis.

The standard mounting bracket fits right up front of the fork, on the main tube, and the pump is held to the bracket with a nice velcro strap (what did we do before velcro).

Pump Mounting

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