Blackburn Road Mirror

I looked at a number of rear view mirrors at the local bike shops.  Finally I settled on a Blackburn Road Bicycle Mirror.  This mirror is designed to fit on the hood of an upright bicycle brake lever.  But, I felt it could be easily modified to work on the Giro 20.

In addition to the mirror I used four Velcro Brand One Way Straps.  I got mine at Lowe’s Store.  They come in a package of five and are 1/2″ wide by 8″ long.

This mirror is large and somewhat oval, and the mount is split plastic which will allow it to be formed around the handlebars.  First of, I discovered the mount was too long and needed to be cut down.  Soooo, I used a hacksaw and cut 3/8″ off of the end of the mount.

Blackburn Mirror Mount

Then I placed the shortened mount on the left side of the handle bar (when sitting on the bicycle) and moved it down against the brake mount.  Then I used one strap to hold the mirror in place.

Mirror Mount

Next, I used 4 of the velcro straps, wrapped side by side, to bind the mirror mount tightly to the handlebar.

Mirror Mounted With Straps


With everything firmly mounted I then adjusted the mirror.  Low and behold, I was able to see clearly behind me.  The mirror has a small locking ring which can be tightened so the mirror will stay in place.

Mounted Mirror


Added Note: I have now used this mirror arrangement for about 400 miles, over smooth and rough roads.  Occasionally I will have to adjust the mirror if riding over a rough section of road.  The other down side is the mirror sticks out from the side of the bike which makes it susceptible to being bumped.  So far that has not been a real issue.

Bottom Line: Am I happy with this set-up?  You betcha!  I have even considered putting one on the other side for the cross country ride. Problem solved.

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