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My birthday isn’t until Friday; it will officially be my 66th.  But, and here is a BIG but, Eric and Laurie (son and daughter-in-law) gave me a Garmin Edge 800 GPS unit as an early birthday present. After looking at the instruction book this thing appears to do everything except pedal the bike for you.

Edge 800 Mounting BracketGarmin supplies some little ‘O’ rings to hold the mounting bracket in place.  That doesn’t seem very secure to me; well, I’m not the first person to use this.  I am going to Google around and see if people have problems with the mount.  Turns out that this little gadget is very expensive and not something I want lost along the roadside.


Edge 800 MountedThe Garmin is very easy to see when it is mounted, and it will be interesting to look at the differences between the readouts after taking several rides.

Garmin has a website called Garmin Connect.  This site lets you set up an account where you can upload all of your ride information, keep notes, plan rides, and download routes and courses.  The full instruction manual provides a lot more detail on using the 800.

I purchased the cadence and heart rate units for use during my winter training rides. Both of these work very good, and I am glad I elected to get them.

The more that I use this gadget the better I like it.  Would I recommend this to someone?  You betcha!

Note added:

I recently completed a cross country bicycle ride using the Edge 800 to track our ride and upload the results to Garmin Connect. The unit functioned very well in all weather conditions: heat, cold, rain, blistering sunshine. I added the rubber enclosure for the unit and a clear protect screen cover.

The battery lasted about 10-11 hours. I would start the unit when getting underway in the morning and turn it off when we reach the daily destination. In most instances the battery life was sufficient, however, on some of the longer days I used a Goal Zero Guide 10 battery unit to supply additional power.

All in all, I will definitely continue to use this unit on future trips.

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