Bacchetta Big Bag

Rear BagRear Bag – Since the bike didn’t come with a rear rack I purchased the Big Bag, an accessory designed for the Bacchetta re-curved seat.  It slips over the top of the seat and has two straps that clip in place around the seat rear support posts. The bag has a handle that allows it to be carried around.

Note added: I have not particularly cared for this bag.  The top of the seat has a slight curve to it which puts the bag zipper and top in tension.  As a result, the top doesn’t open fully and the inside pouch is somewhat difficult to get into.

Another downside to this bag is that it covers up the top of the seat.  At this point I am considering getting a head/neck rest and will need the opening to mount the unit.

Bottom line:  Would I buy this bag again.  No!  Not because the bag is not well made, rather, the bag does not suit my overall needs.

See the later post on the Topeak rear rack and bag.

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