Finding A Bike

Where to start?  I had looked around the Billings MT area for recumbent bike dealers but no one carried a selection to look at.  Plus, I had never seen anyone riding them around the area, either

Sooooo, the next best place was the internet.  After Googling around I found several dealers in the Milwaukee WI area that carried both long and short wheel base recumbents.  After checking things out I decided to try several bikes from a business by the name of Wheel and Sprocket in Hales Corner WI.

I tried out long wheel bases, I tried out short wheel bases, and I tried out trykes.  I don’t own stock in the Wheel and Sprocket company; keep that in mind here, BUT, the people there were absolutely wonderful.  I worked with both Mark and Jeff (if you guys read this please know that your service and help was super).

Mark put up with me wobbling all over their parking lot and through the neighborhood behind the store.  He adjusted the bikes, talked to me about the pros and cons of each bike, and made various recommendations based on this idiotic notion of a 66 year old man bicycling across the country.  You guys had the patience of Job!

I called several of the bicycle manufactures to talk with them, and I Googled a number of blogs to see what others said about various bikes as well as what people were riding when doing cross country trips.

Bottom line: Most people writing blogs seemed to have their preferences and nobody seemed to be terribly unhappy with their choice in a recumbent bicycle.

Sooooo, what to do, what to do, what to do?

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