Why am I doing this cross country ride?  Because it sounds fun?  Because it is a challenge that I couldn’t pass up.  Because it is good exercise?

Why?  All of the above: perhaps.  Maybe none of the above.

Do  I really need a reason?  If there isn’t some identifiable reason what will compel me to keep going when it is no longer fun.  What will keep me going when the tough hills and strong headwinds and rainy days seem more than  I can handle?  What happens when exercise becomes boredom?

Raising awareness for bicycle safety is certainly a worth while endeavor.  I have had people intentionally crowd me over to make a point that bicycles don’t belong on the road. I have had friends and a close relative injured do to inattentive drivers.  How can we help drivers be more vigilant and aware of bicyclists?

Showing people how much roadside trash is out there is important.  You never realize how many wadded up dirty diapers or empty fast food bags or one half a pair of shoes are on the roadside until you have ridden a bicycles for 20 miles.  That dirty diaper may be stinking up the car but is pitching it out the car window the right thing to do?

Providing an example that getting older doesn’t necessarily equate to doing less sounds worth while.  Setting lofty goals can be done at any age.  It doesn’t have to be riding a bicycle cross country.  It can be anything.  Maybe the issue with many people is trying to figure out the why.  Why do this or why do that.

Most humans need to have a purpose in life.  In my case I went about this all backwards.  I said yes, now I need to better understand why I said yes.


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