Saying Yes!

Love Story is an old movie by Eric Segal with a music score that starts out with the words ‘Where do I begin . . .’  Well That is my question: Where do I begin?

About a year ago, while attending a 12 month church related program I met a pastor from the Missoula MT area by the name of Tom Hall.  In getting to know each other a little better Tom began talking about long distance biking which is something my wife and I had done some years ago.

Now, I biked several one week RAGBRAI (Registered Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa) events (~475 miles).  I even bicycled from the top of Michigan down to St. Joseph in three days (~300 miles) several times, and I bicycled across Michigan (~150 miles) in one day.  My wife and I even went self-contained bicycle camping on a few occasions.

Tom, on the other hand, had done self-contained rides of several thousand miles or more.  Not only had he done those rides, but he had done them on a recumbent of all things.  Turns out he had two recumbents: a RANS long wheel base and a Terra-Tryke three wheeler.  The more we talked the more he talked about always wanting to do a west to east trip across the United States.

My wife and I spent Easter (2012) weekend in Missoula with Tom and his wife, Dixie.  During the weekend he began to talk with me about doing the cross country trip with him, on a recumbent of all things.  I sort of laughed and told him that it sounded fun.

During the next 4-5 months he continued to hit me up about how much fun we would have.  In mid-August (2012) he called me and asked if I was up to doing the ride or not.  You ever hear the expression, ‘engage brain before opening mouth?’  Well, I failed to engage my brain before my mouth said ‘Yes!’

What had I done?  I didn’t own a recumbent nor had I ever been on a recumbent. And, to top it off, I was in Milwaukee WI for two months helping my brother-in-law recover from double knee replacement surgery.


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