Route Overview

At this point our trip is pretty well nailed down. Rather than one long ride, as we did last year, we are breaking this one down into two segments: Billings MT to Missoula MT, and Prudhoe Bay AK to Missoula MT.

We plan on leaving Billings MT on June 16th and bicycle to Missoula MT, arriving on June 23rd. In Missoula MT we will box our bicycles and equipment up and ship them to Prudhoe Bay AK on June 25th. After putting things back together we plan on leaving Prudhoe Bay AK on June 28th and bicycle back to Missoula MT. If all goes according to Hoyle we should finish on September 10th.

As currently planned, the trip is about 3,359 miles long, will take 87 days, and will involve 44 miles of hill climbing. As Dwight Eisenhower once said, ‘Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.’ Once we get on the road who knows what will happen.

The map, below, provides an overview of our route.

Trip Map

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