Sharing The Road: Safely

bicycle-safetyBicycling weather is just around the corner if you live in the northern part of the United States: believe it or not. That is the good news. The bad news involves automobile and bicycle drivers sharing the road; after a winter off, both drivers may have forgotten how to safely and respectfully co-exist.

In addition to my earlier safety articles, I have compiled several websites and YouTube videos that help define the best ways for automobile and bicycle drivers to share the road.

  1. Bicyclists Behavior & Crash Risks – This is an excellent article with both pictures and videos depicting ‘defensive bicycle driver behavior’.
  2. YouTube Bicycle Safety Videos – A group of videos depicting various various safe and respectful methods for co-existing with automobiles.
  3. Cycling Savvy – The first 1/3 of this article is a sales pitch on the need for bicycle driver education, page down to the start of No Need For Speed. That section, plus Lane Width and Lane Position, Changing Lanes, Merges and Diverges, Bikeways, and Communication have some very good information.
  4. Cycling With Children - Talks about introducing children to safe and respectful bicycling.
  5. The Enforcement Of Imaginary Laws – Depending on the circumstances, a bicyclist may be stopped by a police officer even though the bicyclist is operating in a safe and legal manner. This article discusses several occurrences and various techniques for handling the situation.

Drivers of both types of vehicles, car and bicycle, are responsible for their own safety. Each driver must maintain and operate their vehicle in the manner prescribed by law. Don’t be a dangerous and obnoxious driver, regardless of whether you are operating a car or a bicycle!

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