Alaska To Montana: We’re Goin’ Down

Tom and RickThe die is cast, the clock is ticking, Johnny Horton is singing, and hell must be close to freezing over. Yep, just when I thought I was out . . . . I get pulled back in again. That’s right, pulled back in for another long bicycle ride.

Thomas ‘The Biker Dude’ Hall and Rick ‘The Slooowww’ have decided to ride 3,300 miles from Prudhoe Bay AK to ¬†Billings MT during the summer of 2014.

MapWhy? You might ask. Why not? I would counter. Summer is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors and sitting on a bicycle pedaling through hill and dale across that dusty trail is one great way to enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

We both have said YES! Our feet are standing in cement overshoes, and the plane tickets have been purchased. There will be more details forthcoming once I have gotten over the shock from my agreeing to do this ride.

By golly, today we plan, for tomorrow we RIDE!.

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