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Utah TrikesUtah Trikes has a large internet presence; there are positive testimonials on several websites from customers located all over the country. Since I am still researching various types of trikes in an effort to determine which model best suits my distance cycling requirements, and since I was traveling past Payson UT, I decided to stop and see what they were all about.

storeWhen I first drove up to the store I was somewhat disappointed because it looked so small. Small that is, until I realized the actual store occupied the equivalent of three store fronts. Once inside Utah Trikes I realized that it was nicely sized and quite filled (packed in might be a better description) with all sorts of trikes and miscellaneous parts. There were boxes filled with trikes waiting to be assembled, there were trikes partially assembled, and there were all variations of completed trikes.

Utah Trikes has their own machining and painting facilities and are able to make some really interesting types of bicycles. There was a 4 seater where each person pedaled but the riders sat back to back, there was a gasoline assisted trike, and they even had a Baji style 4 seater with large off road tires, 4 wheel steering, and a canopy top. There were tandems and and even some velomobiles sitting around. They even make a high quality kit to convert many 20″ rear wheel trikes to 26″ wheels.4 PersonGas Assist

They were pretty busy while I was there. Customers were coming and going. Two guys who recently purchased trikes were in picking them up. Matt and Bryce, the sales personnel, seemed very knowledgeable and helpful in discussing the products and various options available. Sales, even in the winter, must be doing pretty well. A stock trike, fully assembled, can take a 7-10 days to ship; minor customized trikes can take 2 weeks. Their shipping fees seem pretty reasonable considering the size of a fully assembled trike.

CustomerIf you have questions or need a custom trike it looks as though Utah Trikes would be capable of making it happen. Based on what I saw, and what I have read on the internet about them and their products, they appear to have quite the operation going.

Disclaimer: I have no financial incentive to publish this article. It is merely my impression of the store as I viewed it. Doing business with any company is a personal experience and should be treated as such.

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