Norelco PQ208 Electric Shaver

phillips-norelco-pq208I recently carried the Phillips Norelco PQ208 battery powered shaver on a 9 week 3,600 mile bicycle trip. This razor worked well for shaving my beard and keeping my mustache/goatee thinned down. It was purchased at Walmart for $14 in May 2013.

This shaver uses 2 AA batteries. I used the razor 3-4 times per week to shave and once every 2-3 weeks to keep my mustache/goatee under control. The batteries typically lasted 3 weeks; they could have lasted longer but I chose to replace them when the shaver speed was noticeably slower or started pulling at the facial hair.

Over the years, I have not been a fan of electrical shavers. In general I didn’t find they gave a clean shave, or they chafed my skin, or they caused ingrown hairs, or they didn’t cut edges close to sideburns or beards, and lastly, they required a power source. This one did pretty well, though. Other than not trimming sideburns straight across it did a good job. I am not sure I would replace my blade razor on a permanent basis, but on a bike trip where lathering up is more difficult I would use this again.

The top was easily removable for cleaning. After dumping the hair out and blowing out any residue I would shake the end of the shaver and the top part in water to add a little further cleaning, and then wipe it off. The shaver body is not water proof or resistant, so I kept that out of water.

I lightly plunged the razor into my goatee/mustache to keep it trimmed, and the little shaver worked great, in fact, it worked much better than using scissors. It was surprising how the hair could be shaped and thinned using the razor in this way. As a matter of fact, I continue to use it for this purpose now that I am home.

The blades have some ‘float’ in them which helps to conform to the face. The blades can be removed and replaced; they appear to be the same ones used on other razors. There is a clear plastic cover that protects the shaver blades during storage.

The body is nicely rounded and comfortably fit in my hand during use. I would have preferred for the body to have some ‘pebble’ texture to improve the grip, but the lack of this was not a deal breaker. The slide switch that turns it on has a small release button in the middle which minimizes the chance that the razor will be accidentally turned on while stored. There was a small carry pouch which I did not use.

All in all, considering the price and portability, I was extremely happy with the razor. Will I take it with me on the next trip? Definitely.

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