An Overview Map of the Ride


Our planning started with a set of Northern Tier Maps from ACA. We modified the routes based on things we wanted to do or see. We also modified the route during the ride based on road conditions or suggestions from the ‘locals’.

We traveled all different types of roads: interstates, 2 & 4 lane highways, and county roads. The only place we might do it differently would be in western and central Oregon/Washington because of the significant amount of logging chips on the road and the constant parade of semi-trucks on the secondary roads.

Only 1 of the 4 flats occurred on the interstate; the other 3 were on secondary roads. Debris seemed to be on all roads that were heavily traveled by semis, regardless of whether it was a two or four lane highway.

By far the worst road conditions we encountered were within city limits. It seemed to follow a pattern: Welcome to . . . and the poor roads started, Thank You for visiting . . . . . and the roads improved. At least you can quickly make it through small towns, but the larger towns? Oh, my goodness.

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