Days 65 – 68

Umagog Lake in NHToday’s ride, from Errol NH to Rumford ME was short (45 miles), just like the time remaining on this grand adventure. In fact, we now have less than 200 miles to Bar Harbor ME and the finish. We have averaged 65 miles per day since leaving on June 20th and could finish the ride on Sunday or Monday. Both of our wives are coming to see us finish, and our original completion date was August 27th. Sooooo, we will be able to take it easy for the next few days while our wives and family members arrive, which makes it nice since the roller coaster hills through Maine are somewhat brutal.

Whoopi Pie Roadside StandPaul, a very talkative guy we met on the road several days ago told us to be sure and stop at the Puzzle Mountain Whoopi Pie stand on Highway 26 heading out of Errol NH. Well, stop we did. What is a Whoopi Pie? Around here, a Whoopi Pie is, well, imagine a McDonald’s hamburger bun made from chocolate cake, and the meat patty made from white icing. Now, that is a Whoopi Pie. They looked so good and filling that we ended up splitting one between us.

A Moose MuckPaul also told us about ‘Moose Mucks’ along the roadside, and we finally found one. A ‘Moose Muck’ is a low wet areas along the road that has different grasses and other vegetation that moose like to eat. These areas also contain salt deposits that accumulate from the run-off when the roads are ‘de-iced’ in the winter. The salt attracts the moose (and other animals) much like a salt lick in a horse pasture.

Leaves Turning ColorsOur ride along Highway 2 from Rumford ME to Skowhegan ME was pretty uneventful. We stopped a few places for drinks and a little food, but overall there was not much to see or stop for. The day did feature a lot of climbing and a strong wind in our face.  We have begun to see a few trees and some sumac turning into their fall colors. In June, when we left, we found some people just putting in their spring flowers, now we are seeing some vegetation turn toward fall.

Our ride, tomorrow, will put us into Bangor ME for the weekend. There is only a few days left to savor this cross country experience.

FishingThe ride from Skowhegan ME to Bangor ME turned out to be very nice even though there were a lot of Maine hills to climb. Much of the day involved shifting gears up and shifting gears down.

There were some pretty sights along the way which helped to pass the time between changing gears.

We entered Bangor ME on Highway 2, which turned into I 395 before we realized it. Fortunately we had ridden on interstate highways out west so were somewhat prepared for crossing over at the entrance and exit ramps. The exit for downtown Bangor ME turned up after about a mile so we were able to gracefully exit (pun intended) and found ourselves heading into Bangor ME and right past their annual American Folk Festival, which we attended on Sunday afternoon.

Legendary Singing StarsMy wife and brother-in-law arrived in town late Saturday with our car and were able to provide transportation around town during the weekend which was quite nice considering the hilly environment around the area.

The folk festival was very nice, and on Sunday they featured a number of gospel groups in their outside stage. One group, The Legendary Singing Stars could really lay out some wonderful songs with a blues undertone.

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