My Gear For The Cross Country Trip

After a lot of thought, suggestions from others, and several preparation rides I finally settled on the equipment that I will start with. I really appreciate all of the suggestions provided by everyone, but in the end, each person needs to decide what is best for them.

A detailed .pdf of my gear is included at the bottom of this post. Please use the information as a starting point but not an end all.

The total weight = 31.1 pounds (no fuel, water, food)

  • spare parts = 2.1 pounds
  • cooking and eating = 1.3 pounds
  • shelter and sleeping = 7.1 pounds
  • clothing* = 10.3 pounds
  • toilitries = 1.3 pounds
  • medicine and first aid = 1.8
  • miscellaneous items = 1.6 pounds
  • electrical and electronics* = 4.1 pounds
  • bicycle security = 0.5 pounds
  • items carried on me = 0.7 pounds

*Note 1: The clothing weight may seem somewhat high, but I elected to include everything, which includes the shoes, helmet, and the clothing I will be wearing during the day. I have to pedal that weight up the hill so I decided to include it.

*Note 2: The electrical and electronics may seem excessive. Early on I decided to carry a Samsung Chromebook (and charger) to ease the burden of working on several blogs and articles during the trip.

Here is a .pdf of my gear: Touring Weight

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