The Outfitted Bicycle

The bicycle from the side.Here are the modifications to the Bacchetta Giro 20 bicycle in preparation for the cross country trip.

On the front post there is a Planet Bike water bottle cage attached with a Two Fish Quick Cage Adapter.  At the front, underneath the main tube, is a Topeak Turbo Morph G pump.  The front crank set is a Shimano Deore with 48-36-26 gears and Shimano PD-M324 pedals.

The front of the bike.In the middle of the bike there is a TerraCycle Easy Reacher Rack for the midship panniers.  Behind the seat, on each side, are two Planet Bike water bottle cages.  On top of the seat is an ADEM Headrest with Planet Bike Blinky Super Flash.  The ‘pull pins’ holding the seat stay tubes in position were replaced with TerraCycle Velogenesis Seat Strut Clamps.

The bicycle rack.On the back of the bike there is a Topeak Explorer Tubular Rack; the front of the rack is attached to the seat stay tubes  with tie wraps and a piece of old inner tube for insulation.  On the back of the rack is a Planet Bike Blinky 5 LED light.  I got tired of constantly trying to find a ‘leaning post’ for the loaded bicycle and added a kickstand and bracket from Bacchetta.  A loaded recumbent seems to be more ungainly than an upright, so the 13 ounce stand/bracket has been a worthwhile investment.

The bicycle handlebars.On the handlebars I have a Blackburn road mirror on the left side, and a Volae ‘T’ Bar Light Mount in the center tube.  On the ‘T’ bar there is a Garmin Edge 800 and a Bontrager Trip 2L computer.  I elected to use two types of computers: when using the Edge 800 to follow a route the Bontrager will continue to display the speed and other information.  There is a Planet Bike Blaze 2W Headlight on the main handlebar.

The loaded bicycle.Between the weight of the bicycle, the weight of the gear, and my body weight I was concerned about using a 32 spoke rear wheel.  I elected to replace both the front and rear wheels: Shimano SLX hubs (32 spoke front and 36 spoke rear), Velocity AreoHeat rims, and DT-Swiss spokes.  The tires are Schwalbe Marathon HS240s.

Other items: I added Bacchetta fenders to minimize water splash on wet pavement and rocks/trash kicking up.  Based on a chain stretch indicator reading I decided to replace the chain: KMC X9.99 sliver.  The chain is of some concern because I only have about 1,500 miles of road riding plus another 400 miles on a trainer.  I was hoping to make it cross country on a new chain, but this may not happen.

All of the repair parts are carried in a Sunlite Utili-T Handlebar bag which is mounted between the seat and the rear fender and is attached to the rear rack.  The panniers to carry all of the gear are made by Arkel: RT-40 for the mid-ship panniers and RT-60 for the rear panniers.  I elected to skip the waterproof pannier covers in favor of using Sea To Summit dry sacks to organize my gear.  I also decided to remove the tubes from the RT-60s.

The bike (no water in the bottles) as described above weighs in at 42.2 pounds, the panniers weigh 12.1 pounds, and the repair parts bag weighs .3 pounds.

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    • Andrew, thank you for the nice comments about my posted information. Good luck with your Giro 20, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed mine.


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