Reality Setting In

Car LeavingMargie just dropped me off at Tom Hall’s house.  She has done her part in getting me ready for the bicycle adventure.  We said our ‘see you laters’, swapped a few kisses, and then she headed back to Billings and her own summer adventures.  As I watched the car disappear in the distance reality began setting in.

A 3,600 mile bicycle trip is upon me.  After eight months of planning and practicing and setting up the gear there is no more time.  No more ‘next month I will work on hill climbing’ or ‘next week I will improve the bike’ or ‘maybe I can lighten the gear a little before I leave.’  No more next month or next week or even tomorrow.

I wonder: can I do this?  After the thrill and excitement of the first few days has disappeared will I succumb to the monotony of do doing the same thing every day?  When riding hour after hour up endless hills will I lose my patience?  Or worse yet, will my physical stamina fail me somewhere along the way?  Regardless of the problems that occur along the road I hope my sense of humor does not go away.  Making light of the worst situation may seem perverse to some, but for me, humor has gotten me through many difficult situations.

Thursday morning is pedal day.  I carry the love and thoughts and prayers of dear friends and loved ones with me.   I look forward to meeting new friends with warm smiles and hearty handshakes.  I look forward to finding out more about myself.  I look forward to experiencing this adventure with Tom.

I am ready!


2 thoughts on “Reality Setting In

  1. I will keep you in my prayers for your upcoming adventure. And I am most certain that everyday will be unique. We see what we want to see. On my long rides (week long at the best.) I concentrated on finding that golden nugget to look back on in the evening.
    Update the blog when you can and enjoy this great country. Oh, and have a blast.

    • Thanks, Paul, for your support. I hope we can sit across the table from each other and share a cup of coffee sometime.

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