Stairstep For Improvement

stairstep-improvementWell, I received a copy of my actual heart rate zones based on the lactate acid test that I did last week at GymJay.  I am hoping this information will help me to develop a training plan that will be a stairstep to improvement.

I plan on re-running the lactate acid test in late May to see how much improvement I have made. At least I hope there will be some improvment!

I will meet with Jay this coming week to discuss the best approach to training.  Last week I began riding my trainer for 2 hours a day; either 2 separate 1 hour sessions or 1 session 2 hours long.  All things considered, by mid-March I hope to be training for 3 hours a day.  This is a lofty goal, but if I plan on pedaling my 200 pound 66 year old body plus a 50 pound bike and another 50 pounds of gear 4400 miles cross country I will need a lofty goal.

The videos, discussed in a previous post, I am now watching help me pass the time while ‘visualizing’ a bicycle ride.  Well, I am getting excited about the ride: 103 days to go.

Zone Purpose Average Power Average HR Perceived Exertion Description
1 Active Recovery <60% <70%   <105 <2 easy intensity, light spinning, recovery from hard training
2 Low Aerobic Endurance  61-75% 70-85%   106-128 2-4 all day pace intensity, breathing more regular, base training zone
3 High Aerobic Stress  76-90% 85-95% 129-140 4-6 feel like it is work, breathing more labored, used in group ride, sometimes too much time is spent in this area
4 Threshold 91-105% 95-105% 141-152 6-8  area around lactate threshold point, effort is difficult for conversation, 1-2 hour race efforts, 2 days in this zone will require 2 days recovery
5 Speed Work  106-120% >106% >153 8-9 high intensity for 2-10 minutes, conversation is very difficult, leg burning and fatique, not done in consecutive days, 45 minutes maximum, used to improve high end speed
6 Anaerobic Intervals  >121%  N/A  9-10  very short bursts of high intensity effort, 30 seconds max, can fatique legs quickly, only done when conditioning is well advanced


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