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Seek-Out-CyclingI hate indoor bicycling: boredom, BOREdom, BOREDOM.  I tried watching videos; can’t concentrate enough to follow the storyline.  I tried listening to music; noise in my ears but the mind was not engaged.  I tried watching biking videos by Seek Out Cycling; they work for me.  Before, I was struggling to do an hour of riding; now I find myself doing 2+ hours (multiple videos with 5-10 minute ‘rest’ between).

Put In Context: Their videos are somewhat close to a real bicycle ride with training tips and intensity levels thrown in along the way.  I am not a high speed die hard gear shifting sprint busting road racer.  Rather, I am 66 years old, somewhat overweight and somewhat under exercised, ride a recumbent, am planning on doing a self contained 4400 mile ride across the US this summer, and needed something to get me engaged enough to ride my trainer equipped bicycle indoors for the next 2-3 months.

Good things: Their videos move right along just like a regular bicycle ride, there is an intensity scale at the bottom of the videos with recommendations, the author occasionally throws in a few comments regarding where you should be in intensity, and there is music in the background.  At times I find myself so tuned in to the ride that I have ‘tried’ leaning into the curves and once turned my handle bars to miss another cyclist.

Not so good things: There is music (possibly from a synthesizer) in the background that tends to be somewhat repetitious.  On a large screen TV the image is not as sharp as I would like (possibly made from an older helmet mounted camera).  You should really know what your particular heart rate zones are to make the most from this video so you can more properly adjust your riding to the video intensity scale.

One thing I do enjoy is the variation within given rides and between given rides.  For me, anyway, it caused me to change my pace which provided much needed mental and physical engagement with the training.  Another thing I enjoyed was the different types of rides available: recovery, spinning, and hill climbing off-road just to name a few.  In my case, my spinning is up from about 80rpm to 90+ based on the encouragement from the videos.

I have now tried out five different videos: Breckinridge to Copper Mountain, Boulder Creek Bike Path, Keystone to Breckingridge, Sante Fe Bike Path, Great Plains Group Ride.  They all have intensity scales, a few verbal comments, background music, and the obligatory ‘not my fault if you kill yourself’ disclaimer.

Some reviewers have commented that the scenery is dull and did not provide sufficient interest.  I believe these videos represent the types of rides that I am familiar with; there is good scenery, pedestrians, other bicyclists, boring scenery, cars passing by, and other parts that make the rides seem real to me.  I have seen videos made from rides through Europe; they were georgeous, they were truly professionally done, and they were expensive.  These videos fit my need and my pocketbook.

I initially rented these videos from Amazon through their video library program to see what they were like and how they would work for me.    Anyway, I will be buying them when my rental time is up.

Works for me!  Yes, they do!

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