Looking Behind Me

New Mirror LocationOne key component of bicycle safety involves seeing what is behind you. When the Mirrcycle Bar End Mirrors were mounted in the ends of the handlebars I had to make a conscious decision to turn my head and look down. For me, this was not a good option. I prefer to glance at the mirror on a routine basis. Enter the Minoura Accessory Mount Holder.

I already had one Minoura Holder on the non-drive side of the bicycle to hold a horn and a trip computer. On a lark, I pulled the plug out of the end of the Minoura tube and moved the Mirrcycle mirror to that position. ┬áThe mirror was now located about 5″ higher and 16″ from the centerline of the bike. I was now able to do exactly what I wanted: glance sideways to see what was behind me.

Minoura BracketI purchased a second mount and installed it on the drive side of the bicycle. Based on my earlier experience I elected to install a 1/2″ Velcro strap around the upright bracket on the holder and the handlebar. The Velcro strap holds the bracket up against the brake lever to prevent the bracket from dropping down if the screw came loose due to vibration. I used blue thread locking compound on all screws to minimize the chance that something would come loose due to vibration.

Minoura Mirror MountChecking behind is a lot more simple with the new location, and the cost was about $20. For me, this was money well spent!