Cellphone Case

Bikase Cellphone CaseBikase Cellphone Case – I couldn’t be without my trusty cellphone, but I didn’t want it tucked away inside the rear bag, or stuffed in my pants pocket.  Enter the Bikase case.I looked at some holder that placed the cellphone up on the handlebars where it was plainly visible.  I was a little concerned about damage due to bike accidents or weather so I opted for the Bikase case.

The case has some padding, zippers to easily remove the phone, and two sturdy velcro fasteners.In my case (pun intended) I attached the case to the handlebar down tube.  The phone isn’t easily visible but is close at hand if needed.  Besides, when I am out riding I don’t feel a constant need to grab the phone when a call or a message comes in. Also, on a cross country trip I will probably put the phone on standby during the day to conserve battery power. From what I have read, solar chargers are not the be all to end all just yet; maybe by next year they will be.

Bottom line: I have been happy with the case and would definitely purchase it again.