Car Rack

I failed to mention that my wife was so excited about my buying a recumbent bike that she decided to purchase a TerraTrike Rambler Base Model.

Car RackHow do we carry two recumbents (a 2 wheel short base and a 3 wheel trike) from Wisconsin to Montana, as well as other places?  With a Hollywood Rack.  One caveat: You need to have a bumper hitch on your car to use it.

Sticker shock attacked me at first: $450, however, after using the rack I believe it is worth it.  The rack is very well made and seems to be quite solid.  When everything is set up properly there is very little wobble or rattle.  The instructions are reasonably clear and there are no ‘special’ or ‘oddball’ tools required.  The rack will carry two 2 wheel bikes or one 2 wheel bike and a recumbent.

It took about an hour to set the rack up for my needs and an additional 30 minutes to mount and secure the bikes.  There is even a cable bike lock and a bumper hitch lock to minimize  the chance of casual theft.  The bikes are held in place with sturdy velco straps and sliding lock hooks; again, no special tools required.  They even supply a heavy duty orange nylon warning flag for attaching to the rear bicycle.

Added Note: We brought the bikes back to Montana and the rack worked very well.  Among several nice features, once the bikes are unloaded you can fold the rack up against the back of the car.  This minimizes damage exposure if you need to drive around.   After a little practice I was able to load or remove both bikes in about 10 minutes.  Would I recommend this rack?  You betcha!

Water Bottle Cages

Planet Bike Bottle CagesWater Bottle Cages & Bottles – On either side of the rear seat on the Giro 20 there are mounting locations to screw in water bottle cages.  You do have to ‘burn’ small holes through the mesh material to access the screw mounts.

I used two black PB cages from Planet Bike, along with 2 inexpensive 1/2 liter plastic bottles.  After looking at a number of different types of bottle cages I decided to buy the cheapest ones.  Another consideration was the ease of removing the bottles during a ride.

Added Note:  These cages have worked very well.  I haven’t lost any bottles yet, and I have mastered removing the bottles, getting a drink, and replacing the bottles all while riding.