ADEM Recumbent Headrest

ADEM HeadrestWell, I finally broke down and bought a commercial headrest for my Bacchetta Giro 20.  After some research I selected a ADEM model designed specifically for the Bacchetta recurved seat.  There didn’t seem to be many selections out there, and this brand seemed to get a lot of positive write-ups.

The headrest arrived very quickly and was packed sufficiently to prevent any damage.  I also ordered the bracket for my rear light.


ADEM HeadrestThere were three parts in the box: headrest, instructions, and 4 tie wraps.  The light bracket came attached to the headrest.  The first thing that I noticed was the fact that the headrest was a black anodize finish (it look much nicer).  The website indicates it is available only in bare aluminum finish.  This was, as Martha Stewart always says, ‘a good thing.’


HeadrestThe mounting instructions were pretty straight forward.  It took me about 30 minutes to read the directions and attach the bracket.  The plastic tab on the bracket which disengages the velcro on the headrest bar was a tad difficult to open up so the bar could be removed.  Finally, I held the bracket with one hand, opened up the tab with my second hand, and hooked the top of the headrest on counter top and pull up to remove the headrest bar.  The I followed the directions to attach the bracket with the Two tie wraps at the top, two mid-way down the seat, and viola; the bracket was installed.

Yes, I know.  It is a bit disgusting, the part about me reading and following the directions.  Especially with me being a man and all.  Oh, well.

I was a little leary about pulling the tie wraps up tight enough to prevent the headrest from moving around as I have broken the locking tabs on tie wraps in the past.  Well, not this time; I snugged them up and clipped them off.

When I went to attach my tail light to the mounting bracket’s supplied bolt/nut I discovered they were standard instead of metric.  Everything else seems to be metric so I decided to swap bolts/nuts to metric to standardize on the tools.

HeadrestI ended up using a 4mm x 21mm long button head bold and locking nut; in stainless steel.  The bolt is slightly longer than the one supplied as I wanted to ensure the nut was fully engaged.  I ended up drilling the mounting bracket hole out slightly so the new bolt would easily slip through it.

The headrest was easily adjusted up/down by lifting the plastic bracket tab to disengage the velcro.  Particularly since the bracket was firmly attached to the bicycle seat.  I did have to bend the top of the bar up slightly to get a good angle against the back of my head.

I have ridden my bicycle on the trainer about 5 hours since attaching the headrest  and find it very substantial and comfortable.  I can’t wait for better weather so I can test it out while riding around.

Bottom Line: Well worth the money.  My home made headrest worked very well, but it was not as substantial and required bending in several directions to adjust it.  I am not sure it could have been perfected for the same amount of money.

Note added 9/15/2013: I just completed a 9 week cross country bicycle ride using this headrest. I worked great, is still in good condition, and made life on the bike very comfortable.

Recurved Bike Seat

Upper Butt PainI have been talking with Mike at Bacchetta bike regarding the extreme pain in my upper butt area, which he refers to as Recumbutt.  I initially called to discuss the EuroMesh seat ($265); rather than quickly sell me a seat he offered to see if my current set up could be improved.

To this end Mike asked me to send some pictures of me on my bike for evaluation purposes.  Talk about super fast response and initial suggestions!  He replied the same day the pictures were sent.

I purchased the bike from Wheel and Sprocket in Hales Corner WI (see earlier post), but have ordered several accessory items from Bacchetta.  Within the short time I have dealt with Bacchetta I have been VERY impressed with both their service and desire to help their customers.  Okay, so much for the sales pitch (good companies deserve a plug now and then).

After reviewing my pictures,

Test Set Up Images

Mike suggested two things to start with:

  1. when my heel is on the pedal I should not be stretching my leg out so much (seat needed to be moved forward)
  2. I should try reclining my seat by two support tube holes (the pins were in the 5th hole from the bottom)

Bottom line: I moved the support tube pins to the 7th hole and moved the seat forward about 3/4“.  I will now send Mike updated photographs.

I did ride about 30 minutes at a high Zone 2 heart rate after the changes; things felt good.  Tomorrow I will do a longer Zone 1 ride and see how my Recumbutt is doing.

Added Note (January 26): I have ridden several  times for 60+ minutes at one time without any indication of upper butt pain.  Hopefully my Recumbutt problem has been solved.  Now, I need to talk with Mike about the further adjustments to the handle bar column and the handle bar itself he made reference to.


Bike Seat

After putting on 500+ miles of riding and ~20 hours of stationary exercise on the Giro 20, I have decided to investigate a different seat.

Recurve SeatThe bike came standard with their Recurve Seat, and I am having a lot of problems with extereme pain in the upper portion of my butt after long periods ‘in the saddle’ so to speak.  This has occurred pretty much since I was able to bike for an hour or more.  I have tried changing the seat angle without much success.  In general, it has gotten worse with the stationary biking, and I am somewhat concerned about being able to bike for long periods when going cross country.

Euromesh SeatI plan on calling the Bacchetta Company to discuss the Euromesh seat.  This seat appears to have more of a curved area when you sit and may spread the butt pressure over a wider area, thus more support and less pain.  These seats are rather expensive ($265) so I am hoping they have a used one I could try out for a week or so if I am willing to pay the postage both ways.  All they can say is no; murder is illegal.