2 thoughts on “cadence-sensor

  1. Thanks for posting how you mounted the cadence sensor. I was actually looking at this very issue today and just assumed that if I mounted it the way you have it wouldn’t work. Will have to have a go tomorrow now and hopefully all will be good.

    Did you sort the speed sensor aspect? I am hoping my LBS will be able to get me the separate Bontrager sensors in so I can do this without playing with the wiring but in the meantime will use a GSC-10 for cadence at least.

    • Andrew, the cadence sensor continues to work properly the way I mounted it, so all is good in that area.

      Unfortunately, I did not have time to redo the speed sensor so there is no additional information in that area. Most of the information that I located said that the Edge 800 would not work with two ‘different’ sensors. In other words, it needs to get both inputs from the same sensor.

      Please let me know if the second sensor works for you.

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